Japan: Summer 2012

We had a fantastic time in Japan–it was an incredible trip and everywhere we went, we wished we’d had more time there.  The two weeks went by very quickly and before we knew it we were on our way home.

Random thoughts

I had some random post-trip thoughts I wanted to share!

  • Shower heads are all handheld
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner are in pump bottles
  • One bath towel, one hand towel per person—no extras
  • One pillow per person—no extras
  • Shower curtains aren’t wide enough
  • All tubs appear to be soaking tubs
  • Japanese versions of western toilets are better than western toilets
  • I did not get the hang of Asian-style toilets
  • Japanese hotel rooms, like American hotel rooms, don’t have enough outlets: two camera batteries, one computer, one pocket wifi, occasional electric toothbrush, two iPhones
  • The pocket wifi turned out to be a great thing—it let us look things up on the fly (including and especially maps), access email, Facebook and stay in touch.  For both travel arrangements and access to our Dropbox travel documents, it really came in handy, as well as being fun