Packing for the UK

I decided that packing needs its own page.  I even took some pictures of my suitcase before we left and the clothes I laid out to take.

I may take pictures of my outfits and post them, too–just to record for myself how I did with packing as reasonably lightly as I’m capable of.

Including what I’m wearing (tenses are weird when you’re posting before you go but know you’re going to be editing while you’re gone), I’m packing:

  • 4 pairs of pants (grey, white, and 2 pairs of jeans)
  • 7 shirts (shells, short sleeves)
  • 3 cardigan style jackets (red, teal, black)
  • 4 neck scarves
  • 2 formal dresses
  • swimsuit
  • T-shirt and a pair of shorts for lounging in the cabin
  • 4 pairs of shoes: brown walking shoes, black walking shoes, flip flops (to go to the hot tub), and black dress shoes

It all packed up pretty tightly using the bundle method of packing.  I’m bringing a fairly large, but nowhere near full, suitcase.  I’m sure I’ll buy things to fill it up, though!

My suitcase the night before