College Fjord, Alaska

Friday, Scenic cruising, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Our Day

Although early in September, there were fall colors. It seems a bit incongrous, mixed in with the ice of the glaciers

Although early in September, there were fall colors. It seems a bit incongrous, mixed in with the ice of the glaciers

Because the scenic cruising of College Fjord didn’t start until 6:00 pm, today was mostly a sea day, and so we spent it doing sea-day things–including laundry.

We got up a bit late and had a late breakfast–the extra sleep was nice!


Since so many people follow their cruise with a land tour, either with the cruise line or on their own, we weren’t the only ones who needed to do laundry. There was an incredible backup in our laundry room. We managed to get two washers fairly quickly (and one of the loads was overfull, but we didn’t want to wait to get a third washer). The dryers, though, took a while. Some people were running all of their clothes through twice, so there was a real backup. We finally got one dryer, and ended up running it twice–once for each load.

It doesn't matter where you go--laundry needs to get done.

It doesn’t matter where you go–laundry needs to get done.

Laundry isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but neither are dirty clothes. Linda said they sent their laundry out, and when it took us 3 hours to do our laundry, I was sort of wishing we had, too. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $1.75 to wash a pair of underwear!

We did spend the laundry time reading, so it wasn’t a total waste. We were out in open sea, so there wasn’t much to see.

Snack time

It was pushing 4:00 when we realized we’d skipped lunch. DD and Mike had gone earlier for the British Pub lunch but we were still doing laundry. (They’d done theirs the day before–and had run into the same dryer bottleneck we did today.)

At 4:00 or so, Horizon Court was limited to a single “outside” line–the regular buffet was closed. However, the man made us each a tuna salad sandwich and we had a snack to tide us over to dinner.

After our sandwiches we wandered down to the shops and I found a Star Princess magnet for my magnet wall. There was a chorus group that got together on the ship and practiced. They were performing the piazza and were really pretty good, so we sat down in the Crooners lounge and had drinks–a Seawitch beer for Stan and a Frozen Grizzly for me.

College Fjord

The two of us
The two of us
Jenny took this one.

We were back in our cabin when we looked out the window and saw a glacier. That sent us up to the deck (after Stan found his shoes, which I’d slipped my feet into to keep them warm).

Waterfalls everywhere
Waterfalls everywhere
The naturalist told us that waterfalls are from lakes, but this still looks like a waterfall to me–and said cascades and cataracts were synonyms

The greatest views were port side and right in front of the bow. We couldn’t get up to the bow, but we took a lot of pictures of the glaciers off the port side. We ran into Jenny and Anthony again and took turns taking pictures for the other couple, especially when the ship rotated so that we were right in front of a large glacier.  There was a naturalist in board who was telling us the names of the glaciers, but there were so many that I didn’t really catch which was which–and some of them she said so quickly that I didn’t catch at all, let alone which glacier corresponded to which name.

Low clouds
Low clouds
Grey sky above–and clouds down low, too, with a lone iceberg in the water
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