Welcome to Tortola!

I had told Terry that the next time we went somewhere it was possible, she was going swimming with the dolphins.  That “next time” was Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands.

We took a cab to the Prospect Reef for the Dolphin Royal Swim ($135 per person, after a 10% discount).

Getting ready for the Dolphins

We all got ready for our adventure–swimsuits and life jackets.

In the water

We all got dolphin kisses.  When I figure out how, I’ll come back and add in video of us being pushed and pulled by the dolphins!

Around town

After our dolphin adventure, we got a ride back to town, and the bus driver directed us to a local place for lunch.  We had a lovely meal (with the requisite Frozen Fruity Rum Things) and wandered around afterwards.


Part of the fun of traveling is finding unusual and beautiful things.