St. Thomas

St. Thomas is supposed to be the shopping mecca of the Caribbean—but we didn’t really do any shopping, unless you count the mango rum.  Our first view of St Thomas was from the ship and it was absolutely beautiful.

It actually rained (pretty hard) for about 20 minutes and I wondered what that would do to our day.  As it turned out, the sun quickly returned and it was gorgeous out.

We took a private tour with Air Force One and had a great time.

Blackbeard’s Castle

 World Amber Museum

The World Amber museum had amber that was tens of thousands of years old—some of which encased bugs that were tens of thousands of years old.


When we drove up to Mountaintop, Jason said, “Hello, Mr. Trap”, and he was right about the store being a tourist trip, but it turned out that the views were absolutely incredible.  Mountaintop claims to be the birthplace of the banana daquiri, and they were fantastic—and strong.  When I brought Stan his, I took a ‘cartage fee’, claiming it was too full to carry otherwise. This was the beginning of our quest for frozen fruity rum things.


There were a bunch of us on the tour, but I only took a few people pictures!


I bought some fun souvenirs and gifts in St. Thomas.


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