For every other port on this cruise I’d planned an excursion–the dolphins or an island tour.  For Barbados, though, all we planned was for Stan and me to spend the day at the beach.  We intended to snorkel and to rent a jet ski and hang out in the water–that was the extent of our plans–and it was a great day.

The Boatyard

We took a cab to the Boatyard beach, where we paid our fees and walked down to the water.


One of the plans for our beach day was to swim with the turtles.  We were approached by a boat vendor who offered (for a fee, of course) to take us snorkeling over shipwrecks and then with the turtles.  It was exactly what we wanted to do!


There was one negative to the snorkeling–Stan discovered that iPhones and seawater don’t mix.  Fortunately, his contract allowed him to get another phone when we got home.  There would have been a second negative–Beth dropped her camera (in its waterproof case).  One of the crew from another boat dove down and retrieved it, though, saving the day and all the pictures.

Jet Ski

The other goal (besides lounging in the sun) was to go out on a jet ski.  Stan drove.  I rode behind.  He offered to let me drive, but I declined.  I’m glad we did it, but like zip lining, once was probably enough!