We took a private tour of Paradise Island.  Our tour guide wasn’t the greatest–he wanted to drive past things instead of stopping, letting us get out and look around, and take pictures.  It got to the point where we were telling him we wanted to stop, or that we wanted to get out of the van before he told us about the site we were seeing.

Our first “stop” was St. John’s City Public Market.  I put “stop” in quotes because we didn’t stop–we drove by.  I would have loved to have wandered around a public market, so that was disappointing.

St. Barnabas Anglican Church

The church was where we started making our wishes known–we wanted to get out of the van and investigate.  If it had been up the guide, we would have stopped in the parking lot while he told us about the church and then gone on.  We weren’t having any of that!

Falmouth Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

Shirley Heights

Shirley Heights is a restored military lookout and gun battery. You can see the English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour from there.

Indian Town National Park

We all took a lot of pictures of Devil’s Bridge.

Longbay Beach

We barely had any time at the beach and only a few of us went into the water.  But I’d brought my suit for a reason–so Bob & Julie and Stan & I went in.  Even though we swam for a bit, we still found time to enjoy a frozen fruity rum thing at the bar.


I never seem to leave anywhere without having acquired a few items…